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a winery on gotland where italian knowledge meets swedish awareness

established 2018

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Our ambition is to make a wine with a charismatic resemblance of Gotland, that meets the expectations and standards of an international wine. Transparency is one of our key words and we will work consistently with having an open door to our product and production. We want to share not only a fine selection of wines, but also the craftsmanship and extensive knowledge the making of those wines require.

Långmyre Vineri is a venture that we hope will live on for many generations to come. It is in an investment in the future.


our story


When we first met in 2016 we did not only fall in love with each other. We also fell in love with the dream of running a vineyard and winery with a down-to-earth focus - in Sweden. Långmyre Vineri is a certified organic vineyard established in 2018 and will be harvesting for the first time in 2020. Our full capacity is 26.000 bottles, with minimal impact on the environment.

Us running Långmyre Vineri are Andrea Guerra from Salerno, Italy, enologist with many years experience within winemaking and Emma Serner from Sweden with strong connections to Gotland and a great passion for wine and the art behind making it.

Långmyre Vineri is about love. A love for one another, the planet we live on and a really, really great wine.


A WINE made with passion and respect on unexplored land

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the wine







first harvest 2020.

ready for sale autumn 2021.



first harvest 2020.

ready for sale early spring 2021.



first harvest 2020.

ready for sale spring 2022.


the vineyard

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During the spring of 2018 we planted 26.000 plants on 5 hectares, approximately 12.3 acres. Today the field contains 5 different grape varieties, 3 white and 2 red. The varieties are so called PIWI varieties, or hybrides, produced by Vivai Rauscedo in the north of Italy.

The varieties are crossing with traditional grapes (Vitis Vinifera) and wild grapes making them both resistant to many deceases as well as adapted to our nordic climate. Unlike the traditional grape varieties, like Chardonnay or Pinot Noir, the hybride varieties require no chemical treatment and therefor the agriculture is naturally environmentally friendly and sustainable - all without compromising the quality.

The soil has high levels of chalk which resembles the terroir characteristic for Chablis and Champagne, France. We also have around 70% sand, giving excellent natural drainage.


The varieties

Fleurtai - white variety

Crossing of Tocai Friulano. The high sugar content makes it very suitable for northern climates.
Strong notes of pear and almonds, followed by hints of tropical fruit. Wines are clean with minerality and suitable for short storing.

merlot kanthus - red variety

This Merlot hybrid gives wines with very high color, good alcohol content and big structure with scents of red fruits, violets and liquorish. Suitable for long ageing wines.

soreli - white variety

Crossing of Tocai Friulano. Differs from Fleurtai with a strong white flower scent combined with a petrol smell that reminds of german Rieslings. Suited for both young and aged wines.

sauvignong kretos - white variety

Hybrid of Sauvignon Blanc. This white grape is unmistakably a member of the sauvignon family, with aromas of grass, passion fruit and peaches. Has potential to make long ageing wines.

cabernet volos - red variety

Wines made from this variety show high complexity profiles with intense fruity notes followed by spices and pepper/tomato scents.
Due to high polyphenols and aromas, suitable for long ageing wines.


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thank you to everyone that got us started!



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